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    Are you ready to cultivate learning, healing, living and working environments that meet the needs of multiply marginalized communities?

    If your answer is an emphatic YES, then you're in the right place!

    Trusting your consultant is paramount. An effective consultant not only has formal education in your area of growth, but also has significant related lived experience and is part of relevant community networks. Please visit this page to learn more about Zel’s qualifications and how he may help you and/or your institution make long-term, sustainable changes in support of a better world.

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Consulting Specialties

Zel’s specialty consulting areas:

  • Abolition, anti-racism and anti-colonialism in your life or organization

  • Culturally responsible facilitation of mindfulness and/or spiritual offerings

  • Meeting the needs of Transgender and Gender Expansive People personally or institutionally (Zel also offers consulting services through Trans Yoga Project)

  • Meeting the needs of neurodivergent people and expanding into a neurodiversity paradigm personally or institutionally

  • Integrating healing justice, disability justice, and transformative justice into personal or institutional settings

  • Application of purpose-aligned economic divestment strategies to your personal life

  • The application of any of the above to childcare, youth and educational settings. Educational settings can include adult learners.

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Consultation Process

3 simple steps

1. Submit Deposit & Request

To begin the process, submit your deposit and book your 20 min discovery call at the same time; You'll receive a confirmation email with a form, which you can use to let Zel know who you are, what your context is, and which area of consultation is of primary interest to you. Use the “Tell us about your request in your own words” section to offer any additional pertinent details that were not captured in the form. This can include anything you'd like Zel to know about yourself, your org, your budget and what prompted you to seek professional consultation.

Schedule Appointment


2. Prepare for your Discovery Call

When you submit your deposit, you'll sign up using Zel's calendar to book a 20 min call. This call will allow Zel to ask clarifying questions in real time about your request, and give you the opportunity to provide any additional information. If, at the end of the call, we feel like we're a good fit, then we will begin next steps, including finalizing the budget and setting dates to begin the consultation process!


3. Getting Started

How your consulting services are delivered will depend on your or your org's existing level of awareness, commitment and capacity. We'll typically begin with an audit process to determine the highest impact approach. For folks working with a limited budget, the audit process is often sufficient to set them on a path of growth. For most folks, that path is still intimidating, and having Zel along for the ride increases success.