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    self-guided and facilitated options centering counter-patriarchal learning. rooted in self and community inquiry, ancestral animism, energetic relationship, and transformation
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Heart Healing & Clarity of Purpose Mini eCourse

The Heart Healing and Clarity of Purpose mini eCourse is a free offering delivered via email & designed to help you create a powerful and unique-to-you personal code that can act as a north star for your spiritual growth and alignment.

This personal code helps you reconnect with elements of your heart's deepest desires that may have become muddled or obscured as you've learned to survive capitalism.

This is not a "what's my career path," process, but one in which the yearning of the soul is amplified, prioritized & centered to direct aligned change.

Enjoy text guidance, voice guidance, a 30-min guided meditation, & a PDF journal download.

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Sacred Energy Immersion

Uncovering your counter-colonial Sacred Energy Practice

Transgressive Medicine offers a unique live-virtual Sacred Energy Immersion that engages the principles of counter-colonialism to expand beyond conventional 1-day Reiki certifications, which hold the principles of patriarchal teaching and colonial practice far too dear. This approach lets you discover and/or refine your own authentic practice, with the cosmologies of Usui Reiki and folk-indigenous Reiki practices serving either as your own path or as a bridge to your energetic Truth.

Unfamiliar with Reiki? Read a little about it here