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What is Reiki & Energy Healing?

Reiki is a healing modality in which the practitioner weaves the worlds of the divine and the material through sacred communication with the divine and a reading of energy pathways.

Usui Reiki is a relatively modern Japanese energy practice rooted in ancient Japanese spiritual-cultural practices, and influenced by South Asian spiritual practices. Japanese influence includes the folk animism of Shinto, and South Asian influence includes Vedic traditions associated with Buddhism.

The Reiki practitioner connects with the Royal (Rei) Energy (Ki) and, acting as a medium, uses that connection to support healing via mediumship and open pathways in parts of the body, the atmosphere, and materials. Reiki practitioners typically use their hands in a practice called “palm healing.”

Ki is similar to Prana + Qi, both often referred to as Universal or Vital Life Force. Ki is concerned with the mystical, mysterious and subtle aspects of divine energy. Much like in Yoga, Reiki practitioners work with energy systems. Conventional modern Usui Reiki practitioners use Chinese energy maps and abdominal maps, nadis, marma points, chakras and other vital life force pathway frameworks. In Usui Reiki, practitioners also typically employ symbols (Japanese and Tibetan) whose names function similarly in theory and power to South Asian Sanskrit Mantras, each with their own associated vibration.

Most Western Reiki sessions are similar in style and experience to massage sessions, except Reiki practitioners will not physically manipulate the muscles. Recipients often lay down on a massage table or sit in a massage chair. Reiki can be practiced with touch (hands on) or without (hands off) or even via distance (virtual). It is often referred to as an “energetic massage.” However, in the Sacred Energy Immersions, we move beyond Reiki as a medical or manipulative practice.

After a Reiki session, most people report feeling a shift in energy, and that shift will vary depending on your healing needs. Some may experience increased energy; some may experience deep relaxation; some may experience physical pain relief; others may experience psychological/emotional pain relief. Still others, who are welcoming of Spirit, may experience a visit from an ancestor or spirit guide. Most will experience some variation of all of these.